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1. Why buy Gold Krugerrands?

Krugerrands are the most widely held gold bullion coins in the world. The Krugerrand is a practical and classical coin and is still the best way to own gold since 1967. Krugerrands are commonly known to act as a barrier against economic uncertainties, currency devaluations and severe downturn in shares and stocks. As an internationally trusted commodity, having often provided financial security for personal wealth, Krugerrands remain one of the most successful of all bullion issues. They are durable and minted in 22 carat gold and are the easiest form of gold to transport and trade.

2. Why buy Silver?

Silver offers the opportunity to move into true money, an actual store of value, with the potential for substantial gains in future years as its current cycle continues. Protect yourself and your family by acquiring silver with intrinsic value and insulate yourself from the wealth destructive policies of central banks.

3. What is the difference between bullion and proof coins?

Bullion Proof
Linked to the gold price Not linked to the gold price
Unlimited supply Limited supply each year
Quality: Shiny finish Quality: Matt finish & shiny background
No certification Certificate of authenticity issued with year of manufacturing and mintage